What do we offer?

Uploading service up to 1GB for each file.

Steady servers with huge storage and network speed.

Downloading and Watching services in maximum quality.

Earn money from your files! (videos, songs, software, photos, drawings, articles and others).

UploadAge Rewards Program

You can use our free file hosting service to generate massive income. All you have to do is to register on our site, upload files and share with others. When others view your files, your account will start generating money automatically.

UploadAge PPD program is the simplest program that allows you to earn every time your files are downloaded.

UploadAge pays up to $7 per 1000 downloads depend on downloader location.

UploadAge counts downloads from all countries around the world with the highest rates.

UploadAge counts downloads from file size 1Byte only.

Free Account Profits

Group A Group B Group C
Earnings $6 $4 $3
Country United States , Canada , Australia , United Kingdom United Arab Emirates And Saudi Arabia All Other Countries

Pay Per Referral (PPR)

Earn 20% of earned money from each of your referral.

Rules & Conditions

Don't try to buy or download from self or use any proxies, we will not count that (Our system smart enough to detect such fraud).

We will block any user who'll try to abuse our system immediatly.

Files with no views/downloads will be removed 90 days after you've uploaded it. All other files will be saved for permanent (Unless you decide to delete them by self or).

If You are upgraded to premium, your files will never be deleted. (Unless your file is reported as abused file).

You must be logged in while uploading to earn money.

Your uploads must honor our terms of service & respect copyrights.

You will be disqualified and banned if you try to manipulate the results.(Auto Generate links, Exchange Downloads and any spam method).

We count downloads from all countries and all sizes for files.

We count every successful 100% completed downloaded.

Don't click on your links or ask from any one to do that (it's Easy to Discover it!).

Don't Delete your files gathered Money when you request payment.

Don't Share your files in sites used software to extract the download link with out loading page(Jdownloader and mipony).

DMCA Files : If your uploaded file is copyrighted and reported by the owner of the file, your file will be deleted permanently from our server.

DMCA Files: If your uploaded file is copyrighted and reported by the owner of the file, your file will be deleted permanently from our server but the collected earnings will not be affected.


Minimum payout is : $5.

You earn 20% earned money from each your referral.

We are checking all downloads before sending the payments.